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WP Spice Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

There are plenty of contact form plugins for WordPress available in the market. But really, there a few meet all the requirements. Also, you will get plenty of blog posts regarding this topic: popular contact form WordPress plugins. Then why are we writing on this topic? If you have that feeling, then it’s a valid question. Actually, we will share our own experience in a spicy way.

What Are The Best Featurerich Contact Form Plugins for WordPress – Free

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The term “Best” varies from man to man. Which is Best for us that might be the worst for you. We spend significant time doing RnD to choose the genre by which it can be liberal to all of our readers. Finally, we choose the feature genre. The crown of the “Best” will go for those plugins which are feature riched in their free version. Based on the features of the contact form plugins we have prepared this list.

  • Caldera Form
  • Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder
  • Forminator – Contact Form, Payment Form & Custom Form Builder
  • Ninja Form
  • Formidable Form

We have listed those contact forms plugins based on the number of features that are absolutely free to use. Now it’s time for justification on our judgment.

Caldera Forms: Why It’s One of The Best Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress!

Caldera Forms wins the crown of the best feature-rich contact form plugins for WordPress. If you are looking for a complete solution with extended features then this plugin will be the best option for you. In the caldera forms you will get these in their free version,

No/NameForm Fields of Caldera Forms
2Credit Card Number
3Credit Card Expiration
4Credit Card Secret Code
7Range Slider
8Star Rating
10WYSIWYG – rich text editor
15File Upload
21Toggle Switch
22Dropdown Select
25Date Picker
26Color Picker
Table for Caldera Forms Default Fields

All of your desired form fields are available in the Caldera forms. Now we will share which free features you will get in the free version.

Features of Caldera Forms Which Make It The Best Featurerich Contact Forms plugin for WordPress

You have already get the idea it comes with 26 form fields. Besides these you will get the bello features in their free version,

  1. The editing interface is look-alike drag and drops page builders
  2. Conditional Logic
  3. Processors for –
    • Auto Responder – which is an amazing premium feature available in Free
    • Redirect – Redirects user to URL on successful submit
    • Conditional Recipient – Send email to different recipients depending on conditions
    • Increment Value – Increment a value per entry.
  4. Facility to view Form’s Revision, options for edit the previous version, or restore to the new one.
  5. Anti-spam by default to stop those bots- using Honeypot to protect spammers
  6. Entries Management feature
  7. Export entries to CSV!
  8. Customizable responsive breakeven points.
  9. You can set Static or Passback Variable to your form fields.
  10. Additional CSS field to design every single field in free (You need to CSS coding to redesign the forms. If you are not interested then it’s ok. The form will get your themes default style.)

We are surprised by the features and form’s functionality of the Caldera forms. That’s why we crowned it as the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Before making your decision checkout some solid reviews by WordPress Professionals about Caldera Forms ?

“A drag-and-drop builder that is both easy and fun to use, we reckon Caldera Forms is possibly one of the best, most advanced free form builders available, and we highly recommend it.”

Lisa-Robyn Keown – Aspen Grove Studios

“WordPress should have more plugins like this. Adding new forms, editing their settings and stuff is fun.”

Ahmad Awais: Full Stack WordPress Developer

2nd Best Contact Form Builder: Form Maker

The Form Maker contact form builder earned this position because of its exclusive features. It has 32 free form fields in its free version. Also, it has some other amazing features. Lets explore it,

No/NameForm Maker’s Form Fields
1Single-Line Text
2Paragraph Text Field
6Single Choice
7Multiple Choice
9Simple Captcha
15Country List
16Mark on Map
17Date of Birth
20Receive Copy
21Date Range
27Table of Fields
28Hidden Input
29Custom Button
31Phone-Area Code
32Arithmetic Captcha
Form Field list of Form Maker

These are the form fields of Form Maker. You may see there are plenty of actionable form fields in their free version. Not only that they have some other features to make the form more actionable. It’s for checking out the features of Form Maker – Contact Form Plugin of WordPress.

Features of Form Maker Contact Form Builder

We are going to share some interesting features of the Form Maker Contact Form Builder Plugin.

  1. Pop up, Maker –
    • You can convert your forms easily into a pop-up form. Three types of Popup options are available – floating, slide in, popup.
  2. You can set Form Header – have the facility to customize it.
  3. Email Notification
  4. 15 customizable form themes
  5. Conditional Fields
  6. Javascript Adding Facility
  7. Mysql Mapping
  8. Privacy Setting –
    • Enable GDPR compliance checkbox.
    • You can save User IP Address to Database
    • Save User Data to Database

If you are looking for the complete package for contact form plugin and popup builder then this free plugin will be the best option. Check the popular reviews,

I had tried several form plugins but I was always searching for a better one. Then I stumbled Formmaker just by chance and thought to give a try. I was thrilled to see its features. It has more than everything I expected. Very customizable and easy to use. Now I don’t search for form plugin anymore. Lots of thanks to the developers of this plugin.

by @mayank0522

If I could give this plugin more than 5 stars I would! The level of control is extremely nice – even with the free version – though I quickly purchased the PRO version! And the level of customer service in troubleshooting forum questions is incredible! Very impressed with the plugin – but even more so with the way they interact with and help users get to what they need! Great job guys!!

by @JonathanWilson99

3rd Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress: Forminator – Contact Form, Payment Form & Custom Form Builder

Forminator Contact Form Builder came to our radar because of its intuitive UI, free integration with Popular Mail Clients, official partnership with payment service – Stripe. Let’s see what you will get in the Forminator Contact Form Plugin,

No/NameForm Fields of Forminator Contact Form Plugin
14Time picker
15File Upload
16Post Data
19Page Break
20Hidden Field
22GDPR Approval
Forminator Contact Form Builder’s Form Fields

All the necessary form fields are available in the Forminator Contact Form Plugin.

Features of Forminator Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Not only the popular form fields Forminator has surprisingly free integrations with topmost email clients and other tools. Here we have listed its features for you,

  1. Quiz Builder Module
  2. Poll Creation Module
  3. Popular Integrations
    • HubSpot
    • Campaign Monitor
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Google Sheets
    • Zapier (connects you to +1000 apps)
    • Trello
    • MailChimp
    • AWeber
    • Slack
  4. Frontend Post Submission Facility
  5. Email Routing & Pre Populated Feature
  6. Import Data from Contact Form 7
  7. Limited Styling Facility with custom CSS input field
  8. Form’s Redirection Facility After submitting the form
  9. Autofil feature for logged-in users
  10. Antispam security with Honeypot
  11. The life span for form data storing facility
  12. Form Rendering Option
    • Load form using AJAX
    • Prevent page caching on form pages
  13. Basic Level of Styling for Form Fields

We have listed all the features that come with the Forminator Contact Form Builder WordPress Plugin. If you are looking for a free integrated facility for your forms along with quiz and poll builder then Forminator would be your best companion. See what other’s said,

Amazing plugin, it really seems that only your imagination can limit its uses. Loads of features like taking payments, calendar, for free. Can’t believe everything I need is in there, it sparks creativity and makes it fun to work on a website.

– araca

This plugin has an excellent, well-thought-out, well-designed UI and offers everything I was looking for (and I think I’ve tried every serious competitor).

– tvsmvp

4th Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress: Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms get the position of the best contact form plugin for WordPress due to it’s Easy Go setup with a hand-full amount of Contact Form Fields. They are the first mover of providing all necessary form fields in their pro version. Many other form builder authors only provide the basic fields and lock other fields to force the users to buy. Let’s see what you will get in the free version of Ninja Forms,

No/NameNinja Form’s Forms Fields
1Single CheckBox
3Select Image
6Radio List
9Paragraph Text
10Single-Line Text
15First Name
16Last Name
17US States
27Star Rating
Form Fields of Ninja Forms

These fields are more than enough if you are looking for not the basic one but a little bit more in your contact forms.

Features What You Will Get in The Free Version of Ninja Forms

This contact form covers the basic needs within their free version. If you need extensive integration with other stuff then you need to buy their pro version. Here are free features you will get in Ninja Forms,

  1. It will give you 9 actionable form templates with full flexibility to edit them
  2. Ninja Forms has three themes for its forms,
    • Light
    • Dark
    • Basic
  3. Spam protection including Akismet and Google reCaptcha
  4. Translated in 16 Languages
  5. Shareable public form links
  6. Customizable email notifications

These are the features you will get in the Ninja Form’s Free version. As we previously mentioned that you can manage a bit more but not ger everything is free like the other top three Contact Form plugins. But plenty of users using it and giving positive response though.

This is a great, free alternative to Gravity Forms and the like. If you are using Contact Form 7, you need to open your eyes. Nobody should be using that when this plugin is available. Great interface and great feature set. Also, have a large number of paid add-ons to get you any type of integration.

– @claytoncollie

A very versatile form plugin with features covering all users needs. Support is proactive and friendly. I recommend it for everyone.

– @chijiokesam

Formidable Contact Form Plugin For WordPress Users

Actually, Formidable Contact Form Builder has very limited features rather than other contact form plugins which we have listed above. It earned this position only for its styling facility in its free version. Before discussing its features lets checkout its form fields which are available in the free version of Formidable Form Builder,

No/NameName of the Form Fields of Formidable Form Builder
2Paragraph Text
4Radio Button
12User ID
Form Fields of Formidable Form Builder

A limited number of form fields are available in the Formidable Contact Form’s Free version. Let’s see what features are available in the free version.,

  1. Extensive Designing facility for forms. Like adding margin padding to form fields and more.
  2. Default Notice/ text changing facility.
  3. On-demand design style loading facility,
    • You can load the style on Every Page
    • Only Applicable Pages
    • Or you can stop form style loading in frontend
  4. Entry management

These are the limited options but most of them are useful. Checkout users comments on Formidable forms,

This form builder is neat, tidy and robust, as well as being easy to learn, use and customise. The option to disable all built-in styling is appreciated.


I thought i would need to pay a developer to build the bones of a project I had in mind but FF has done 80% of the heavy lifting for me. Easy to use once you pick up the mindset of this plugin and there are layers to unlock as you go. Good documentation. Very happy with this purchase.

– @gameuditor

We have tried our best to share the best contact form plugins for WordPress based on features. But don’t worry, here are some answers to common queries which we get from other users. Maybe you have the same queries in your mind.

What is the best contact form plugin for WordPress?

WP Spice Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

> As we have shared, the term best varies from person to person. In this case, choose that contact form plugin that meets all of your needs, and that will be the best contact form plugin of WordPress for you. If you are looking for the best form builder plugin for free, you can choose any of them. ?

? Caldera Form
? Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder
? Forminator – Contact Form, Payment Form & Custom Form Builder

Why Form Maker By 10Web is The Best Contact Form Builder For WordPress?

Form Maker the Best Contact Form Plugin For WordPress - WPSpice

> Form Maker comes with 32 Form Field with numerous features. You create popup forms with this contact form plugin. 15 customizable themes are available in their free version. If you are in need of this combination then you can use Form Maker as your contact form plugin. And because of its extensive customization facility along with a unique set of features it earns the badge of the best contact form plugin in this era.

Is Forminator Contact Form Builder Plugin Really The Best One?

Forminator Best Contact Form for WordPress WP spice

> Forminator by WPMU Dev is one of the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress. You will get all the premium quality features within their free version. It comes with 25 form fields along with 13 exclusive features. Ten types of integrations are available in the free version you have to pay in other contact form builder plugins. Poll, survey forms module are more exciting features that are available in their free version. Moreover, they are an official partner of Stripe Payment Gateway, and this payment integrations come in their free version. Observing all of these of the Formniator Form Builder plugin, we have awarded it as the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Why Contact Form 7 is not the best contact form plugin for WordPress anymore?

Contact Form 7 is not the best form plugin wpspice

> Contact Form 7 is the legendary Form for WordPress. Unfortunately, there is no improvement in that plugin. If you want to add a simple captcha for the Form, you need to find a compatible plugin, or you have to do it by hardcoding. The styling of the plugin is also demanding coding knowledge where other form builders are coming with plenty of time-saving features. Now the Form Plugins are not just a contact form. The contact form plugin authors scale the usability of the Forms beyond our imagination. You already get the name all of the best Form builder plugins on this list, free to use with unique intuitive features.

Now it’s your call, will you hold the legacy or manage your work with the complete solution? We, the WP Spice team, are practicing to use a compact solution rather than using various dependant solutions. Because you have to keep your busy maintaining the broader scale of plugin list for using scattered dependant solutions, that’s why we are saying Contact Form 7 (CF7) is not the best contact form plugin anymore.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the long discussion, we want to say choose that contact form plugin for your WordPress site which covers all of your desired things. Prepare a list, what you will do with a contact form builder plugin then check out our listed contact form builders and select your best one for your site. And don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comment section that are you agree with our selection or not?


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