Introducing The New Twenty Twenty-One 2021 WordPress Theme

Introducing Twenty Twenty -One Theme wp spice

There was a rumor in the air that WordPress 5.6 will be shipped with a New Twenty Twenty-One(2021) or not! Finally, the core team has announced the name along with the First look of the upcoming Twenty Twenty-One Theme. Dev contributors already started to contribute to it.

What is The Base Theme of Twenty Twenty-One!

Mel Choyce-Dwan shared that Seedlet will be the base theme of The Upcoming Twenty Twenty – one theme. This theme will be the modified version of the Seedlet theme. This theme helps the dev team with a thorough system of nested CSS variables to make child theming easier and to help integrate with the functionality of the global style that’s under development for full-site editing. Basically, the plan for designing the 2021 theme is to create a blank canvas for Gutenberg Block Editor.

The Seedlet theme is a free WordPress theme created by Automattic. The two-column layout and classically elegant typography creates a refined site that gives your works and images space to breathe – and shine. Seedlet was built to be the perfect partner to the block editor and supports all the latest blocks. Writing, audio, illustrations, photography, video – use Seedlet to engage and direct visitors’ eyes, without your theme getting in the way. And the responsive design shifts naturally between desktop and mobile devices.

Background History Of Twenty Twenty – One Theme

2021 theme background
Background Story of Default Twenty Twenty – One Theme

Before sharing anything we like to introduce the Heads who are leading the whole team to give a visual representation of the Upcoming Twenty Twenty – One theme.

  • Default Theme Design Lead: Mel Choyce-Dwan (@melchoyce).
  • Default Theme Development Lead: Carolina Nymark (@poena).  
  • Default Theme Wrangler: Jessica Lyschik (@luminuu).
  • And fabulous volunteers! The names will be declared after releasing the final version.

The Story

Mel the lead of the Designing team this time interested to get the concept from the Digital Print Media. She tried several combinations to get the final shape of the Twenty Twenty – One theme. In the meanwhile, @kjellr remarked to her, “why not try something natively digital?”

Then she started to try every possible combination and downsizing the ideas. You may find all the design materials in her Pinterest pinboard.

story of 2021 twenty twenty 0ne theme
Twenty Twenty – One Theme Pinterest Pin Board by Mel

She said the concept ended up being the most natural, usable design of the bunch. It was simple and un-opinionated, yet still refined. It felt like a fresh canvas, waiting to be painted.

First Look of The Default Twenty Twenty – One Theme

Twenty Twenty One Theme First Look
First Look of Default Twenty Twenty – One (2021) Theme
Blog Image of 2021 theme
Home Page and Single Blog page Desktop View of Twenty Twenty One theme

We will now check the mobile responsive view of the Twenty Twenty – One theme,

2021 mobile page layouts wp spice
Mobile View of 2021 Theme

The Full Design Mockup is here.

FAQ on Twenty Twenty – One Theme

Let’s know some common questions answers in detail.

Why The Designer Choose The Pastel Green Background Color in The Twenty Twenty -One Theme?

Twenty Twenty One Theme First Look

>> This theme uses a limited color palette: a pastel green background color, and two shades of dark grey for text. The dev team will be bundling the Twenty Twenty – One theme with some additional color palettes, including both a white and a black color scheme. But why pastel green?
According to Mel, Pastels and muted colors are pretty right now, and she is obvious to follow the trend.

What are the reasons behind using a native system font stack?

Font Family of twenty twenty one theme wpspice

>> According to Met, By default, the theme uses a native system font stack. She made this choice for a couple of reasons:
❶ It will not take any extra load time. Met wants to keep this theme simple and fast.
❷ Keeping in mind the large scale of usability as it will be the default theme of WordPress Core. Actually, the native system font stack is pretty typographically “neutral” — none of the fonts are super opinionated so that the theme can be used broadly across different types of sites.
❸ Using just the one font stack, without loading additional font files, also makes it easier for folks to customize or create a child theme for Twenty Twenty-One. They want this theme to be a teaching tool and an outlet for your creativity.

What are the Key features of Twenty Twenty One theme?

Introducing Twenty Twenty -One Theme wp spice

>> As this 2021 theme will be merged with the New Release of WordPress Version 5.6 so the core team always follows the standard coding structure and also tries to ship some new enhancements in their new shipment. Here is the list of what you will get in WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty One;

✪ It will be a neat and clean, bloated code free lightweight theme.
✪ Scope for scalability.
✪ Nifty Font Family to make it simple.
✪ An interesting Block Pattern Package will be added to the theme.
✪ Most demanding, the full site editing functionality ?

Why The Designs of The Twenty Twenty One theme is so simple?

default theme using in WPspice

>> Keeping so many aspects in the mind the core development team has to keep the style as simple as possible. Don’t think the team cannot make fancy themes available in the market. They just want to make it simple so that every type of website can use this theme anytime without breaking the site layouts.

But the default themes can be painted to any design. You can look at our site WPspice. We are using the basic Twenty Twenty Theme. You will get the idea of what can be done with the default themes.

That’s why the team keeps the design neat and clean and simple. As the twenty twenty-one theme will come with unique block patterns so that you can easily create elegant websites with the help of the block patterns.

What are the block patters? And why the core development team of the 2021 theme is so much interested in it?

unique block pattern of 2021 theme wpspice

>> Block Patterns:
If you have an experience of using image filters in Snap Chat, FB messenger chat, and other camera or in the Adobe Light Room’s presets are similar to Block Patters. It will help you to use premade design styles to create an elegant look for your webpages.

The Core dev team is interested in the block patterns as it’ll help you reshape the default 2021 theme according to your need. And Gutenberg introduced support for patterns in WordPress 5.5. The theme’s overall design is simple, so you can make it your own, but the patterns will be opinionated. There are a couple already designed, and we’ll be relying on our talented community designers for more ideas.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Twenty Twenty One Theme?

>> So far we find some minor facts. Twenty-One is using the custom color palettes and the team has chosen a nice selection of pastel shades, but these will not transfer if (when) users change themes. Likewise, any custom block variations that might get introduced (to make the previously mentioned block patterns work) will also not get carried over on theme switches.

The only solution we can think of for this is to use a plugin for this custom functionality rather than bake these things into the theme. It’s the only way to keep the choices consistent whilst allowing designs to be changed.

– This solution is recommended by Ben from MasterWP.

When The Twenty Twenty -One theme will be released?

>> The probable release date is 8th December 2020. Here is the timeline of this Twenty Twenty One theme project,
Per the development cycle information, the upcoming important dates are:
✪ WP 5.6 Beta 1 – October 20
⭒ Last chance for feature projects and new enhancements
⭒ The theme should be committed to trunk
⭒ Start exploring FSE support in a second, block-based theme
✪ WP 5.6 Beta 4 – November 10Soft string freeze
⭒ Starter content should be committed
✪WP 5.6 RC 1 – November 17Hard string freeze
⭒ Starter content needs to be finalized
WP 5.6 Release – December 8

Source of the Information.

Final Thoughts

We are excited about the upcoming release of WordPress 5.6 as it will come with extensive functionality of the block editor. The Twenty Twenty – One theme will be the first default WordPress theme which will provide the facility to edit the full site within the theme. We are looking forward to seeing the finished theme and how the more complex features are implemented.


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